The Utrecht archive

Het Utrechts ArchiefThe location where nowadays the Utrecht Archive resides, dates back centuries. Around the year 1000 here the bases were laid for Paul’s Abbey and St Paul Church. The church was demolished in 1707.

In the 17th century a court of justice was established here. The building retained this function until 2001. During the approximately 400 years that justice was spoken here, many defendants received their verdict here. In the early days numerous encounters with the Grim Reaper were arranged. Many died at the stake, or were decapitated on the gallows. Nowadays the Utrecht Archives reside here offering a museum dedicated to the history of the city and province of Utrecht. Among the attractions in the basement don’t skip the sword that was used in a distant past to chop the necks of many convicts.

The Utrecht Archive shares the building with ‘de Rechtbank’ (court of justice) a trendy hotel / brasserie / restaurant.

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