MaliebaanIn the 17th century in Utrecht a tree covered road was built where the well-to-do could exercise the ‘malie game’, a sport where you had to hit a ball with a bat with the aim to reach a target in as less as possible strokes. This game was once popular throughout Europe. It was a distinct USP for a city to have a ‘Maliebaan’ available.

Through the centuries the Maliebaan became a popular place to live. There are also many celebrities who have lived at the Maliebaan. To name a few: the composer Johannes Brahms, the philosopher Descartes and the French emperor Napoleon.

The most notorious person who regularly visited the Maliebaan doubtlessly is Anton Mussert. At 35 Maliebaan resided the headquarters of the NSB (a fascist organization with Anton Mussert as its leader). In 1942 the infamous nazi Heinrich Himmler visited the Maliebaan.

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