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First impressions of the 5ber Esim card

maandag, augustus 14th, 2023

Today I tell you about a new product I discovered: 5ber. It is a solution for android users who like to use esims in their phone. Unfortunately, few Android phone manufacturers offer this option.

5ber is a package consisting of a SIM card and an app. You put the SIM card in a free slot in your phone. With the app you can then set up and manage esims.

I tried 5ber on my Oneplus Nord phone. At first it seemed to go wrong. I started the 5ber app and scanned the QR code I received to install the eSim I purchased. After the installation process, an error message followed.

A restart of the phone had the desired effect and the installed esim worked immediately.

I am also familiar with the product This works the same as 5ber, only this product contains annoying restrictions. In its minimal form, only works on one phone and can hold two eSims. If you want more, you pay more. 5ber does not have these restrictions. Your 5ber can be installed and used on any phone and can hold up to 15 eSims. And that for a fraction of the price of I do feel that 5ber’s software is a bit shakier than’s.

In the coming period I will test both products more extensively. To be continued!

If you have any questions, please ask them via X, username aart_jan .


maandag, augustus 7th, 2023

Vorige week woensdag (1 augustus 2023) heb ik mijn eerste ervaringen opgedaan met Esim. Meteen op de minst eenvoudige manier omdat mijn telefoon niet standaard beschikt over een Esim. Maar ik vond dat mijn nieuwe Oneplus Nord 3 wel over Esim moet beschikken en vandaar dat ik een kaart had aangeschaft.

In combinatie met de app van om Esim-profielen te beheren werkt dit prima. Mijn eerste Esim was er een van Alosim

Ik had het goedkoopste pakketje gekozen om uit te proberen. Een weekje Europa-bundel voor (met toepassing korting) €2.50 . De installatie van de Esim verliep zonder problemen.

Ik heb het datapakket uitgeprobeerd in Nederland en in Duitsland. In Nederland verbindt de bundel met het 4G-netwerk van KPN en in Duitsland met het 5G-netwerk van O2.

Als ik nog wat bundel over heb morgen zal ik een snelheidstest doen.


Ordered the 5ber esim module

dinsdag, juli 25th, 2023

An interesting development in Esim country. Until now I was aware of only one product that can convert a standard simcard-slot to an Esim capable version: . 

After extensive research I stumbled upon the 5ber esim module:

It seems to do the same job as the module, but at a much lower price and with a wider range of options.

I ordered the product the weekend and will review it as soon as it arrives. is underway

donderdag, juli 20th, 2023

So it is time to explore a new world, the world of E-sim! As part one of this journey I have ordered a so called simcard. This nifty simcardshape device enables esim functionality on smartphones that do not have the capability.

In my blogs I will take you along my journey to convert my Oneplus 3 to an Esim enabled mobile device. Bear with me!