Layar 4 charity (EN)

For you a fascinating trip with your mobile phone by the Museum Quarter, the most beautiful district of the city of Utrecht. For the Charity organization Child’s Destiny of Hope a donation. That is the proposition in this Layar4Charity. Did we spark your interest? Here’s how it works.

Do you have a smartphone (iPhone or a phone that runs Android operating system)? Then you can access the layar “magic of the museum quarter’ and use it on your smartphone. Through the layar you discover known and less known places in the Utrecht Museum Quarter. Stroll around in this fascinating area and be surprised!

How can I access and use this layar?

  • Download the free application “Layar augmented reality browser ‘from the Apple store or the Android Market;
  • Open the Layar application on your phone;
  • Click on “catalog” icon and then select ‘local’;
  • Find the layar ‘magic of the Museum quarter’. Difficulty in finding? With the search option in Layar (magnifying glass) it is also possible to find the layar. Use search terms such as ‘magic’;
  • Click on ‘launch’ or ‘open’;
  • Follow the instructions on your phone;
  • Please note that the layar only works in the Museum Quarter and the immediate vicinity of the center of Utrecht.
  • Using layar involves using data. A typical stroll through the Utrecht museum quarter will use up no more than 5 Mb of data usage. Please note that we can not be held liable for roaming charges originating from your use of our layar. Please check with your cell phone provider beforehand what the roaming charges are.

About the sights

The sights in the Utrecht Museum Quarter layar are represented by colored stars. For each attraction, you have two options:

  • Select the ‘Take me there’ option and a google map will guide you to the point of interest;
  • Click on the information icon for background information about the point of interest;

If you’re near a point of interest, layar automatically opens the appropriate background information.

About Child’s Destiny of Hope

The proceeds from the layar ‘magic of the museum quarter’ will fully benefit the organization ‘Child’s Destiny of Hope’. Child’s Destiny of Hope is a charity that starts and runs orphanages in Africa. The first orphanage is in Uganda. Read more about the projects on the website of Child’s Destiny of Hope (

About the creators of this Layar

This layar4charity was created by company employees of Liquimondo in their spare time. Child’s Destiny of Hope is one of the projects by which Liquimondo actively supports socially responsible work. In 2011 a group of Liquimondo employees will visit a project in Uganda to give support on the spot.

Support and feedback

  • On the website of layar you can find how the program works and how you can open and view a layar on your smartphone.
  • With feedback regarding your experience with this layar please send email  to


Curious about using layar as a way to raise money for charity? Interested in addressing this issue? Please contact Aart-Jan van Amerongen through, +31(0)6-30 34 38 16 for an appointment.