Paushuize (home of the pope)

PaushuizeThe only Dutch pope was an inhabitant from Utrecht. In 1517 Cardinal Adrian Floris the son bought the property at the corner of Pausdam / Kromme Nieuwe Gracht. He was very pleased with this (“God himself gave me this house which I now love more than all other houses in Utrecht”), but ultimately he never lived here. Before he could relocate to his new home, he was named pope in 1522 to his own amazement. Henceforth he was known as pope Adrian VI.

With regret Adrian exchanged his beloved of Utrecht for residence in Rome. He would never again return to Utrecht. One and a half years after his appointment to pope he died, after a fierce conflict with one ‘Luther’ . The latter had put in motion a process that flooded Europe like a torrent: the Reformation.

Nowadays, the Paushuize is a popular alternative wedding location.

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