Railway museum

Het SpoorwegmuseumIn late 1874 the ‘IJzeren Rijn’ local Dutch Railway company built an impressive new railway station in Utrecht: the Maliebaanstation. For ten years, many passengers used the station, but with the foundation of the Biltstraat railway station in 1885 passenger numbers gradually declined. The construction of a direct railway line between Utrecht and Hilversum in 1921 meant the final blow for the Maliebaan railway station. In 1939 the station closed, for almost no one was using it anymore.

In 1953 the station got a new destination: it would serve as a permanent home for the hitherto locationless railway museum. Nowadays it still functions as railway museum and since a major renovation in 2005 the museum is even more fun then before. As one of the main attractions in Utrecht the railway museum attracts about 300,000 visitors a year.

If you are a railway enthusiast you mustn’t miss this attraction!

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