Street markers of the Roman frontier fortress

Straatmarkering Romeins grensfortThe Roman Empire was a vast empire that stretched from England (Hadrian’s Wall) in the north to Egypt far south. The boundary of the Empire ran through the Netherlands. The rulers in Rome viewed the river Rhine as a strategic place to defend their territory.

Around 2000 years later, the Kromme Rijn river is part of what once was the border. At various points along the river you can find markers for this ancient border.

In order to be able to closely monitor this border Emperor Claudius ordered several border forts to be built. One such frontier fort (castellum) stood in what is now the Domplein (Doml square) and had a formidable view of the Kromme Rijn.

In the streets surrounding the Domplein light markers in the street indicate the location of the castellum walls. True remainders of these castellum walls can still be seen in the basement of cafe ┬┤Weeshuis┬┤ on the Domplein.

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